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Red Bull Media House approached us to help them define and realize a new experience for Red Bull Sound Supply, a micro-licensing platform leveraging their existing catalog of production music.

Red Bull Media House GmbH
Strategy, Design, Development

The main challenge for redesigning an existing product is to find the right mix between best practices and innovative ideas to ensure familiarity between Red Bull platforms and established user behaviour while still surprising users on first experience, ensuring that users find the best tracks for their production right away.

Mapping out user journeys and defining the feature set based on both business and user needs is a crucial step before jumping into UI design, prototyping, testing, and re-iterating the design approach.

Developing a scalable music streaming platform is a challenge in itself. In this case we decided to also integrated a custom CMS built on Laravel and a custom-built backend services that automates the release of licensing claims on YouTube for purchased track based on a Unique Identifier System and the YouTube Content ID API.

In the end, a product needs to be highly usable for the consumers, but also for the editorial and admin team working with it.

Products are never done: markets and user behaviours change constantly, launching the product is just the beginning. We recently brought all stakeholders together in a yearly product workshop to collectively define the product strategy and we are beyond excited about what’s coming next.


Working with Stephan and his team on the project always has been a really good time. They really understood our design language and enabled us to deliver excellent work.


Lead Designer

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