About us

Working together to create digital products that matter.

How we do

This guide is a reminder of our core principles and strives to create a common understanding for our team members, partners, clients, and friends. Imagine a poor man's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but for okay bueno, one of the weirder places in this universe. Don’t forget your towel.

Do good, feel good

The core principle of our daily doing is to create digital products and experiences that make us, and you, feel good. To ensure we can feel good about what we do, we commit to only work with people we like on projects we believe in.

Always meet at eye-level

Our partners aren’t simply clients, they are extended parts of our team and we are a part of theirs, so we’ll welcome them as such and treat them the same way we treat our team members. This applies in both directions.

Keep it tight

Staying small is a choice, not a limitation. We believe in the agility and efficiency of tight-knit teams. We advocate for a process of co-creation, without project and account managers, and only the necessary stakeholders, so teams can consist of only the people making a difference on a project.

Think first before you move

Before we start working on a new project, we deep dive into the current solution and market environment so we can advise our partners with expertise. In the end, we see ourselves as a strategic digital partner, not an agency, tech partner, or design studio.

Focus on the right things

We’re here to achieve goals, not to fulfil tasks, and for that we need to understand our partners’ businesses, their risks and opportunities, their strength and weaknesses. Simply said: we won’t make a button red because someone says so, but we will help our partners meet their KPIs smart and efficiently.

Talk is cheap

Yeah, this meeting should have been an email. And that email should have been a slack message. We despise overhead and keep our communication lean with transparent project planning, regular check ins and focused short workshops sessions. Our job is to get shit done.

Commit fast

We believe that smart, fast, and iterative decisions are key to success. Even if we don’t always agree with a proposed direction, there is no half-assing it: we voice concerns, define how to measure the success of the direction, then fully commit to it until we can validate our feelings.

Tough Love

Yes, we have an attitude: we are straight forward with our team members and our partners. We challenge decisions and we advise, even when we haven’t been asked. We can be annoying, sure, but in the end, we’re looking out for each other. And you are encouraged to do the same.

Pick projects wisely

Time is a scarce resource: we value it highly, we invest it wisely. We are driven by work that is worth our time, work that is interesting, impactful, profitable. Unfortunately, this means saying no to project inquiries and client requests – it's not easy, but it's necessary.

Entrepreneurial at heart

We spend 10% of our time on our own expense, building and launching own products and experiences. It’s an investment we are happy to take as everyone benefits from it: we as a team can grow with freely defined challenges, build new revenue streams, and gain entrepreneurial experiences our partners can benefit from.