okay bueno

okay bueno is a Digital Product Studio shaping successful digital products, launching start-ups, and imagining new ways to work together.


Our Work

We help start-ups, corporations, and governmental organizations to shape digital products that make a difference:

Team bueno

We are a tight-knit digital product studio designing, developing, and consulting on business-driven, user-centric products. We partner with clients ranging from starts-up and NGOs to governmental organizations and global corporations to challenge the status of digital products.

Alexander Gerund

Partner Design & Strategy

Alexander Gerund, Partner Design and Strategy at okay bueno GmbH

Jesús Espejo

Partner Technology & Strategy

Jesús Espejo, Partner Technology and Strategy at okay bueno GmbH

Christopher Walsh

Fullstack Developer

Dahn Kim, Jr. Product Manager at okay bueno GmbH

Fabian Tschöpl

Motion Designer

Fabian Tschöpl, Motion Designer at okay bueno GmbH

Álvaro Secilla

Illustration & Animation

Álvaro Secilla, Product Designer at okay bueno GmbH

Our ventures

Entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of okay bueno: we invest 10% of our time in building our own products, launching start-ups, and experimenting with new technologies and business models.

Companies we partner with