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Red Bull Media House approached us to help them define and realise a new experience for Sounds of Red Bull, a music portfolio platform leveraging their existing catalog of production music.

Red Bull Media House GmbH
Strategy, Design, Development

Sounds of Red Bull is a multi-faceted audio platform: it's a showcase of a vast portfolio of production-ready music, but also a showcase of athletes, curators, producers, and affiliates of Red Bull and the productions they are creating with the catalog of music Sounds of Red Bull offers. But it's also a discovery tool to find the right track for a Red Bull production that stands out.

For us, it is always about the right mix and focus. The right mix of best practices and innovative ideas to ensure familiarity between Red Bull platforms and established user behavior while still surprising users on the first experience – but also finding focus catering to different target audiences with their own expectations and intentions when visiting the platform

While Sounds of Red Bull has grown over the years and multiple iterations, it's always been important to us to stand out, but also fit into the digital design language of Red Bull – and enhance the existing design directions and systems with new, custom features and components that make audio as well as media products fun, fast, and seamless to use. From sneak peek listening to audio collections, to hover preview of albums and a powerful search – content exploration and consumption is at the heart of Sounds of Red Bull.

Developing a scalable music streaming platform is a challenge in itself, but we believe a product needs to be just as usable for the editorial and administrative team working with it then it is expected for consumers.

So we decided to also integrate a custom Content Management System built with Laravel synced up to the Audio Library and Rights Management systems of Red Bull Media House and a custom-built backend service that automates the release of licensing claims on YouTube for tracks used by Red Bull affiliates based on a Unique Identifier System and the YouTube Content-ID API.

We've been blessed enough to work on this product since 2018, both as a strategic partner and executive force shaping the experience.

We believe good products are never done, as markets, user behaviors, and expectations change constantly. Long-term partnerships like this one with the great folks at Red Bull Media House enable us to do what we do best: seeing products through, from inception through all periods of the growth and iteration cycles.


Working with Stephan and his team on the project has been a really good time. They really understood our approach to shaping products and enabled us to deliver excellent work.


Lead Designer

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