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Making the lives of developers easier with save naked domain redirections with SSL and turning a profit with our first Software as a Service product.

Full Scope

NakedSSL is one of these products we had to build for ourselves: a lot of the major hosting providers still don't support the redirection of naked domains with SSL certificates, which is quite a bummer for developers, as they have to spend time on mundane, repetitive tasks. So we decided to build an automated solution to fix this issue, which essentially sparked the idea of offering the solution as a tool for other developers facing the same problems we did.

When defining the brand we wanted to create something that felt techy, yet a bit tongue-in-cheek, and most importantly, approachable and easy to use, as we are literally solving one problem, and one problem only. As there's a specific icon for SSL already, it was an obvious choice to turn it into a character that we can use throughout the product. Meet Locky:

Our main focus with NakedSSL always has been to build a product for ourselves and our peers, other developers, studios, agencies, that makes a painful process a tad bit nicer.

Since launching the product in 2018 we build up a super loyal customer base that enables us to power more than 5.000 domain redirections for free while still turning a profit. Love you all ❤️.


What started out as a weekend project to automate some of our internal processes has become a profitable micro-SaaS that has been growing at 100% per year since we launched it.

Jesús Espejo


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