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From first MVP to hundreds of thousands of downloads and nominations for start-up of the year: how we helped ClassNinjas disrupt the e-learning space in German speaking countries.

ClassNinjas GmbH
Content, Strategy, Design, Development

We initially helped Karim, the founder of ClassNinjas, with product strategy and design before we jumped right in and took over the role of main product partner to initially create an e-learning app for kids that is fun to use.

From defining the brand to creating the educational videos, from designing all user interfaces to developing the marketing pages, progressive web, and mobile apps, we’ve been lucky to be a part of the whole product development right from the start.

Kids needed to love ClassNinjas, so we aimed to create a lovable, relatable, and approachable brand. We've tested multiple drafts of cute, gender-neutral characters with kids to figure out which ones resonate the most and finally settled on the cute little ninja that is now used heavily across all platforms.

Learning maths is tedious enough, so we opted for a lightweight, friendly user interface with lots of animations to ensure kids aren't intimidated right away. We can't make the exercises any easier, but we know we've done right by our users if we can improve the user experience of learning maths.

One key focus has always been developing systems that handle complexity with ease and empower growth by quickly scaling across topics, grades, and target markets. As the curriculum of a grade varies heavily even within a country, so we're talking about quite complex systems.

As a solution, we created a custom Content Management System for the educational team that can generate exercises for some of the grades on the fly to automate the system as much as possible.

As ClassNinjas is growing up, we've adopted the brand for a more mature market as ClassNinjas is now offering e-learning solutions and enables parents to find the right online tutor for their children and students to prepare for math exams.

We have already helped ClassNinjas to move more and more tasks in-house. We always aim to act as a responsible partner, not your typical agency. After all, working with a third party is great to speed up things and quickly get access to experience and knowledge, but at some point, you want to transfer that in-house.

We continue to be the main product partner for ClassNinjas and are proud and excited to continue this journey together – more than 200,000 downloads, super positive app ratings, being nominated for Start-Up of the Year in Austria and the German Sustainability Award in the Design Category is only the start of a crazy journey.


Maths is a topic we can all relate to, normally with frustration. Working together with the ClassNinjas Team and re-thinking how we learn maths has been a really humbling experience. Focusing on the learning experience, teaching in a practical manner, with real-life examples and in a fun way is the cornerstone of ClassNinjas.

Jesús Espejo

Technology & Strategy

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