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One of our earliest experiments: showcasing emerging artists while unveiling fresh, new color palettes

Full Scope

We've been following quite a few artists but felt they weren't getting the shine they deserved – it's hard to stand out in the sea of social media accounts. So what could we do to help them?

We decided to combine the fun with the practical and extract color schemes out of their images (with their consent of course) and build a small platform to help designers with some color scheme inspiration.

Aren't there enough color palette tools out there? For sure. But none of them felt fun enough for us and we thought combining it with discovering emerging, underrepresented artists would improve the experience. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to fully work with the community as much as we'd love to, so if you wanna team up with us to build the platform artists deserve, holla!


Getting featured on Smashing Magazine,, Design Made in Germany, and many other platforms was definitely rewarding, but just the process of ideating something and then building and releasing it within a week was really refreshing.

Alex Gerund

Design & Frontend Development

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