Open Application

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you have a strong background in arts, design, development, and all things digital, we'd love to talk to you. Please keep in mind that we are a small studio, we all have a broad horizon of interests, take on lots of responsibility and work hands-on on all of our products. We are not looking for project or account managers.


  • You like to build things and solve problems – independently and collaboratively within a strong small team
  • Proven track record of designing or developing production projects
  • Strong understanding of the digital ecosystem and what defines good digital products
  • You communicate clearly – at least in English, ideally also in German
  • You focus on the results, not on the technology or tools used
  • You find simple solutions and tame complexities
  • You can quickly evaluate options and make decisions based on project requirements
  • You think efficiently about solutions, yet never forget about the big picture


πŸ’» Remote friendly

We are open to remote and hybrid-remote way of working. You should live within CETΒ±2 though.

πŸ“š Educational budget

We understand that people develop in different ways, so we have an annual budget of €1.200 for you to buy books, classes, etc.

🏝 Holidays

We grant all employees 26 days of holidays.

πŸ™ Team retreat

Every year we go and check out a new city and learn about the culture. This is on hold for now. Thanks, Covid-19.

🚫 No bullshit meetings

Every meeting that happens needs to have a defined purpose or we don’t do it.

🌍 International team

Even as a small team, we come from 5 different countries.


Write us a few words about yourself – what drives you, what are you keen to learn and why would you want to work with us.

We are a funny bunch, so there's no need for big word talk. We don't care what you look like or where you went to school. What we care about is who you are as a person.

We don't "trust the process" – we don't even have one. High up on our agenda is to not work with assholes. We'll jump on a call to have a chat, figure out if we get along and give you the chance to tell us a little bit more about the products you have worked on and what you believe in.

Of course, before we do that, please send us an email on and include a list of projects we should check as a reference too.