Senior Product Engineer (Back-End)

As a small, tight-knit team, we are conceptualizing, designing, and developing digital products for all devices. We don’t use technology for the sake of using it. We strive to solve problems and create unique experiences. We are curious, love exploring and pushing ourselves, and are looking for a similar mindset in you.

As a Senior Product Engineer with a focus on back-end, you will be contributing to create strong and resilient back-end applications that provide a wide range of services, from web applications, to mobile apps via APIs, to voice interfaces, to server applications. You will be involved at different stages of the product development cycle –from ideation to launching it and further iterations– and you are expected to actively contribute on the creation and maintenance of the back-end services that power the products that we operate – from data modelling to API services.

We pride ourselves in not having any Project or Account Managers – our creative teams manage themselves and lead communication with our partners.


  • You are fluent PHP – and in particular with Laravel
  • You have proven experience modelling data on relational database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Bonus: Experience with non-relational databases
  • You have enough production experience on AWS (SES, S3, etc)
  • Automated testing is part of the development process for you
  • You like to build things and solve problems; independently and collaboratively within a strong small team
  • Strong understanding of the digital ecosystem and what defines good digital products
  • You think logically, understand systemic approaches, and find simple solutions for complex challenges
  • You communicate clearly – at least in English, optionally also in German
  • You are self-motivated, organised, understand requirements and can plan efforts and prioritise accordingly
  • You are either already located in Germany or Austria, are willing to relocate, or work as a self-employed contributor within CEST ± 2.


💻 Remote-first

We are a fully remote company and are not planning to come back to the office.

📚 Educational budget

We understand that people develop in different ways, so we have an annual budget of €1.200 for personal growth.

🏝 4 day work week & Holidays

Our goal is to fully operate on a 4 day work week (M-T) starting from 2023, so we grant all new team members the option to already choose the 4 day work with 20 holidays per year.

🏙 Team retreat

Every year we go and check out a new city and learn about the culture. In 2023 we have all met twice: in Berlin and Vienna.

🚫 No bullshit meetings

Every meeting that happens needs to have a defined purpose or we don’t do it.

💸 Competitive salary

Your salary depends on your current level and your choices regarding a four day or five day work week.

🌍 International team

We welcome different cultural backgrounds and especially encourage applications from underrepresented groups. You'll be most likely working with:


Partner Technology & Strategy


Senior Product Engineer


Write us a few words about yourself – what drives you, what are you keen to learn and why would you want to work with us.

If you write us, write us honestly. We want to know who you are as a person. Be personal. No need to name-drop or pimp your CV. We don't care about elite schools or what you look like either. We value talent, motivation, and dedication higher than experience and previous employers.

Other companies may tell you about their strict hiring process, but we don't "trust the process" – we don't even have one. Send us an email at, don't forget your portfolio and/or list of projects you were involved, and we'll make sure to check your application within 72 hours.