17 Jan 2021

Renaming text layers in sketch made easy

Handling Sketch layers in big projects can be quite tedious, huh? We feel you. We even feel you that much, that we developed a little plugin for Sketch that renames either the selected or all text layers with the corresponding text styles.

"Rename text layers by Style" (Great name, much creativity) makes your workflow a little bit more efficient and files less messy when you prepare to hand over your design files. Pro tip: it also helps you quickly spot any text layers that have missing text styles at a glance.

And yes, Alex fucked up the versioning so bad that we are already at V2.4.4 🤦‍♂️.

Wanna give it a try? Get it from our GitHub repository or simply install it via Sketch Runner or Sketchpacks.

Got an idea for a plugin we should develop? Hit us up!


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