04 Jan 2024

Our little Christmas tradition

A few years ago, we opted out of sending our partners and team members gifts for Christmas.

We were always horrible at giving gifts. Remember the buenopedia we had printed some years ago?

Yeah, well, neither do we.

The truth about gifts for Christmas is that we keep buying things we don't want to buy for people who don't want to receive them. It's the thought that counts, for sure, but it just didn't sit right with us.

So instead of buying, wrapping, and sending gifts, we decided to donate to charities our team picks and our team and partners vote on. So everyone who has a stake in our business, either financially or through their work, can have a say in how the money is distributed.

Here are the results of the 2023 survey:

Sharing this feels a little iffy – we have been doing this for years now without making a big fuzz about it and doing good and talking about it is rightfully frowned upon in many cases. So let's be real: we are a commercial business, we are not a charity, and we could surely do more if we wanted. We are not always the good guys. We produced some merch this summer because we felt like it.

But if by sharing this we reach other teams, studios, or companies that wanna pick up the tradition, we feel like it's worth a little blog post.

As a starter, here's a list of NGOs and Foundations we've supported over the years:

Let us know if you're picking up our tradition ❤️


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