02 Jul 2021

Transferring Figma design system ownership made simple.

Transfer Complex Design Systems in Figma between accounts with this plug in by okay Bueno.

So, you have a workspace with components being linked across files within the workspace. You now want to migrate your files to a different workspace, but in the process, you find that the instances of components reference their root definitions from the old workspace.

Mind boggled yet? Fair enough, it's actually pretty insane that Figma didn't consider this use case. But hey, at least that's a good excuse to build another plug-in for the community.

Funnily enough, the solution was pretty easy, so after like a day of trial and error, we managed to come up with a solution that works pretty well and saved our ass on a huge migration. And now it can save your ass, too: get it on Figma Community.

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