How duuumb can it be?


Have you ever wanted to be in a mobile game? So have we. Play our team in Duuumb, the ideal companion app for boring home office hours.

Full Scope

Duuumb was another small side project we launched last year, right when the pandemic started. While everyone was giving tips on how to use your time wisely during the pandemic, we thought it would be more fun to spend some time playing, and what's more fun than pressing a button?

Of course, we had to sneak our duuumb™️ faces in this game to make it more (or less) enjoyable for the player. We launched it on the Google Play Store, so you can join the fun, too – if you're an iOS user, sorry, Apple thought this game was, well, too dumb. 🤦‍♂️

Got an idea for another dumb project we should build?


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